the movie that won accolades at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year is hitting movie theaters in your local area soon. The female lead in the film, Felicity Jones, won the Best Actress Award for her role in it.

Here’s a brief summary of what the movie is about as quoted from

The Sundance hit Like Crazy finally comes to movie theaters nearly a year after its festival premiere. In the heartfelt drama, Felicity Jones stars as a British girl who overstays her travel Visa and cannot get back into the U.S. to see her boyfriend Jacob (Anton Yelchin.) The long distance tests their relationship, and Jones could relate.Here’s what Felicity Jones has to say about her role:One of the reasons the film resonated so much at Sundance is everybody brings their own personal baggage to it. People who’ve been hurt feel that Anna and Jacob are doomed. Lovebirds think they’re destined to be together.

Here’s what the award-winning actress, Felicity Jones, has to say about her role in the film:

“I could definitely empathize with Anna,” Jones said while promoting the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. “As an actor, you’re a gypsy. You’re constantly moving in a different places and it is hard to retain those connections with your home and your family. It definitely tests you as a person. I think in the sense of being away a lot, I can understand their position.”

If you love romance films or you’re the least bit sentimental and that pretty much comes with the territory of being in a long distance relationship, then you absolutely must go to see this film. Better yet, why not make an event out of it. Book a surprise flight, pick up your other half, take him or her out to the movie and then cap things off with a romantic meal. If you simply cannot be together, then go see the movie in your respective towns and then discuss it afterward over Skype with your favorite beverage in hand.
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