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    Long Distance Relationship Tips

    Long-distance relationships have a rather negative stigma attached to them. All too often people see them as doomed from the very beginning. Some even break off a promising relationship because their...
  2. Like Crazy, Long Distance Relationship Movie

    the movie that won accolades at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year is hitting movie theaters in your local area soon. The female lead in the film, Felicity Jones, won the Best Actress Award...
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    Long Distance Relationships Are Hard

    Do you think long distance relationships are hard? Impossible even? Well, apparently, thatís also the underlying message in the latest movie on the subject, Like Crazy, which is due to be released...
  4. Do Long Distance Relationships Fail More Often Than Other Relationships?

    When considering an LDR, most people want to know why long distance relationships fail. After all, weíve all known people who have tried them and things havenít worked out for one reason or another....
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    Long Distance Relationships Break Up

    Long distance relationships break up for a variety of reasons. While some may claim that if your LDR didnít work out that you didnít really, truly love each other, the story that is presented below...
  6. Planing for the future - The ulimate goal

    Try to commonly plan your future and talk about vision

    A long distance relationship hast to be terminated at some point Ė ideally by moving in the same city. A long distance relationship can last...
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    Trusting each other

    Trust your partner, strengthen confidence in the long distance relationship and learn to deal well with feelings of jealousy.

    This may seem easier than it actually is and not the easiest ďtipĒto...
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    Good Communication between you both

    A suitable communication behavior is the foundation of any good relationship. In the long-distance relationship communication is particularly important. First, because it is not always possible and...
  9. Keeping each other up to date about each others feelings

    Keep each other up to date about your feelings. Share your everyday experiences with each other.

    Particularly important are the little everyday things that are completely independent from the...
  10. Poll: When did you know your ldr love was the one for you?

    When did you know your ldr love was the one for you?
  11. Poll: What do you tell customs/border control when you go to see your ldr love?

    What do you tell customs/border control when you go to see your ldr love?
  12. Poll: What is keeping you from closing the distance?

    What is keeping you from closing the distance?
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    Poll: When did you marry your ldr love ?

    When did you marry your ldr love ?
  14. Birthday Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

    Birthday ideas for long distance relationships are easier to think up than you might guess. It may take a little more time and effort but you can still manage to have a romantic and memorable...
  15. Long Distance Relationship Ideas that Create Connection

    Long distance relationship ideas can be a lot more fun and creative than you might think. While being apart from the man or woman you love is never easy, it doesnít have to make feeling connected...
  16. Romantic Idea for Long Distance Relationships

    Romantic ideas for long distance relationships are all about maintaining a solid line of communication so that you donít lose your connection even while you are many miles apart. When there is a lot...
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    Managing Long Distance Relationship

    Online dating Ö well it can be considered as managing long distance relationships, especially if your date is from another city, or even from another side of the world. So here we provide you some...
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